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Flying Away
24 April 2008

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Snow Man
24 February 2008

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Swan Ripples
28 January 2008

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21 January 2008

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1 December 2007

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26 November 2007

Recent Comments

Mhélène on Moonset: Kariba Zimbabwe
Really superb ! A great composition and marvellous colors !

Sandrine on Moonset: Kariba Zimbabwe

Curly on ShangHai China
Great find, so hilarious :-)

JJ on ShangHai China
I like how the sign is framed with the blue squares, an interesting sign indeed

kiwisa on Moonset: Kariba Zimbabwe
Stunning photo - 5 stars definitely. The lighting and colours are superb.

JJ on Moonset: Kariba Zimbabwe
WOW love this, love how you composed it, the silhouettes and the amazing blues,

Paul on Moonset: Kariba Zimbabwe
I love the colors well done

CATCHLIGHT on Trolls Church Blowing Snow
i think it is great as is, maybe a bit darker at the leave it....

CATCHLIGHT on western sky
Beautiful work!

pixator on western sky
WOW! I like sky!

Theys on Dawn Over France
Très beau coucher de soleil.

Craig on The Gut
Very cool inlet! Nice capture!

dj.tigersprout on The Gut
what a lovely setting -- a beautiful mood! looks wonderfully isolated! i want that red malamut piece for my room! ...

6ft5 on The Gut
great composition. It doesn´t look dark on my screen.

AA on western sky
What stunning colour you captured... and knowing your habits, this is the true colour and hasn't been tweaked ...

john4jack on The Gut
Very nice composition

6ft5 on Night Players
love how the mask on her hat gives her a very long face! great shot!

dj.tigersprout on Night Players
sounds *Jazzy*... and i love that!! ;) good to see you posting again!

lydia on western sky
Magic !! I love the mood here !

john4jack on Night Players

Mr Jintro on Night Players
Don't hate the player! Lovely stuff.

Sandrine on western sky

bluechameleon on Telling Tales
Great shot...tell tales indeed :)

bluechameleon on western sky
Absolutely amazing! The colours and this open space is captivating!

Illuci on western sky
Almost unreal! Iceland is one of the most un-earthy places in the world. Beautiful.

6ft5 on Malarrif sky
I keep coming back to look at this. It´s amazing. So well balanced. It´s the perfect shot!

6ft5 on western sky
More sky goodness :-)

Allan Clark on western sky
nice shot lovely colors

Pied Crow on western sky
Definitely I must go to Iceland. This is gorgeous, what light.

flyingwind风飞扬 on western sky
High tone and contrast are both excellent!!! Voted!

Zing on western sky
Beautiful sky, full of magic!

GJC on western sky
This is phenomenal! What a place to see; thanks for sharing.

john4jack on western sky
Magnificent sky.

Viewfinder on western sky

Mirjam on western sky
What a feeling your photo and your story

alex centrella on western sky
nice colors !

dj.tigersprout on western sky
a magical golden atnosphere!! :) so lovely against the white of the snow!!! are you aquainted with Evelyne Dubos? she ...

Claude on Telling Tales
Cute! It made me smile.

Claude on western sky
A really amazing sky. Looks like you had quite a trip.

Craig on Telling Tales
Hmmm... outsiders! Cool shot :0)

Zing on Telling Tales
Cute shot, nice composition!

GJC on Telling Tales
This made me smile. Or could it be a game of telephone...?

john4jack on Telling Tales
Love your title. Neat capture.

k@ on Spider Shangri-La
Totally other mood but I'm having a stroll backwards in your portfolio and this one is so funnily spooky :)) Soon ...

k@ on Nightfall over Reykjavik
This one is totally amazing and keeps my eyes stuck - brav°°

k@ on Malarrif sky
The scale's quite stunning in this photo, I love it* and yes, the reflection in the puddles**

dj.tigersprout on Telling Tales
haha -- love this -- i can just imagine what he is saying!! ;) beautiful moment between bird friends!

Lee on Telling Tales
Great image!

Mags on eye of the tide
Very nice picture!

6ft5 on eye of the tide
great textures!

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